Gloucester Restaurants

The Gloucester Restaurants website aims to promote independent restaurants in the Gloucester area

  1. The Wharf House

    The Wharf House
    Modern European

  2. Sebz Restaurant

    Sebz Restaurant

  3. The Veranda Lounge

    The Veranda Lounge
    Indian & Thai

  4. Edgemoor Inn

    Edgemoor Inn
    Country Inn

  5. Balti King

    Balti King

A Quick Guide with great ideas for Where to eat, in and around Gloucester

If you are looking for a great place to eat in or around Gloucester, you won’t be disappointed! Gloucester’s thriving restaurant scene offers something for everyone. From fine dining to pub food. The tastyMediterranean cuisine of Sebz to the Edgemoor Inn’s traditional English food.

The White Horse serves tasty Chinese food and the Balti King offers Indian food. There are plenty of choices for you in Gloucester!

Many restaurants in Gloucester are of a very high quality. Gloucester’s restaurant and cafe culture continues to go from strength to strength with new restaurants continuing to open. People are now saying let’s stay in Gloucester instead of going down the road to Cheltenham. The really extensive and fascinating mix of restaurants seems to thrive because Gloucester is such a great city to visit with so much heritage and with so many events, activities and festivals held throughout the year.

Eat Unique the family of Restaurant Directories serving the South West and West Midlands, is pleased to promote a number of restaurants in Gloucester that are independently owned and independently run.

We hope you find this website a help as you make your choice of great places to eat in Gloucester and the surrounding area. Enjoy your meal!